A unique taste experience

Our sausage makers are always striving to make the perfect salami. We use the traditions of the north and draw inspiration from around the world. We are constantly developing new flavours while retaining the unique craftsmanship of the past.

A family company

Kotivara is a family company from Oulu in northrn Finland. We have been striving to make the perfect salami since 1943. With traditional craftsmanship and carefully-selected ingredients, we create a unique taste experience that lives on from generation to generation.

It all started when charcuterie maker Johan Ruonio came across a traditional metworst recipe in the early 1940s, which was then refined to perfection. Today, we are one of the largest salami manufacturers in the Nordic region, with a large number of products taking inspiration from all over the world. Always carefully prepared by our sausage makers.

Our cold-smoked products get their wonderful flavour through being cold-smoked with alder shavings that we get from the island of Hailuoto outside Oulu. The sausages are then left to mature for up to six weeks in the fresh air just south of the Arctic Circle.

All of our salamis are made without lactose, gluten, milk, monosodium glutamate or artificial colouring.

We respect the comprehensive HACCP food safety standards and our BRC-compliant food safety system is reviewed by Bureau Veritas.