Kotivara Products

Russian Salami

Our most popular salami has been made according to a genuine recipe from St. Petersburg for over 60 years.

Pepper Russian

Genuine Russian salami seasoned with tingly pepper. There is a generous layer of pepper around the slices.

Light Russian Salami

A delightful meaty taste for those that prefer a lighter version of Russian salami.

Chili Russian

We have listened to the chili lovers – you can definitely taste the chili!

Salami without Additives

This mouth-watering salami is completely free of additives and E numbers.

Garlic Russian

Genuine Russian salami for garlic lovers.

Organic Salami

A truly meaty salami made of organically grown ingredients – even the spices are organic!

Pepperoni Salami

This spicy flavour is perfect for sandwiches, pizza and other dishes.

Tapas Salami

This Spanish-type snack salami is seasoned with a Mediterranean spice mix.

Ultra-Light Salami

Finland's lightest salami with only 2.7% fat.