Janne Piikivi appointed CEO of Kotivara Oy

Machine automation engineer, EMBA Janne Piikivi has been appointed CEO of Kotivara Oy and the Lihavara Group as of 1 January 2021. Jarkko Ojala, who has served as CEO of Kotivara since 2009, will take a position on the Board of the Group’s parent company Lihavara Oy.

Piikivi has strong international experience in management, production and customer collaboration in various business sectors. He has previously held executive positions at Kemet Electronics Oy and Jot Automation Oy, among others.

“Janne’s experience of managing international business operations and his solid expertise in production and the development of production operations, in particular, is an excellent fit for the Group, which is preparing to implement considerable investments in production plants”, says Sauli Huikuri, Chair of Kotivara’s Board of Directors.

“I’m highly motivated to take on a position where I can apply my previous experience and also learn plenty of new things. Kotivara is a prestigious brand in many countries and our expertise in the food business is extensive. I’m excited to join the team. Kotivara also has strong roots in Oulu, and as an Oulu native, I value the opportunity to work for a local company that also has an international presence”, explains the new CEO Janne Piikivi.

Under the previous CEO, Jarkko Ojala, Kotivara grew impressively and expanded its operations internationally.

“It has been a great experience and a privilege to serve Kotivara for more than a decade. During this period, the company’s business has developed favourably thanks to our strong team spirit, skills and commitment. The food industry is a very dynamic business that really draws you in. I thank all Kotivara employees, customers and partners for these wonderful years. As I welcome my successor, I feel a little sad, and proud at the same time. I will continue to work normally as CEO until the end of this year and will help to onboard Janne before I go. I wish all of you all the best for the future!”, Jarkko Ojala says.