Kärkkäri sausages turn 60 years

Kotivara invented the Kärkkäri sausage in 1956 when the sausage stalls in Oulu wanted to serve delicious and low-fat sausages that were easy to fry. The sausages were first called Erikoisaamiainen (Special breakfast) but were soon re-named Kärkkäri.
Today, Kärkkäri sausages are commonly available in grocery stores, sausage stalls and restaurants in the Oulu region.

New! Reindeer Salami

Kotivara’s Reindeer Salami has been sold in stores since May 2015. It’s made of 100% reindeer meat and doesn’t contain any other meat. That’s why it offers the true taste of Lapland. This sliced salami is sold in packages of 120 g.

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Now all of Kotivara’s packages are orange

For a long time our deliciously seasoned, meaty Russian salami has been sold in an orange package. From autumn 2014, you can identify all Kotivara’s salamis and cold-smoked products by the same happy orange colour.

The colour of the packages was changed during the autumn of 2014. During this time, packages with both the old and the new colours could be seen in stores. Both contained the same high-quality products.