5 Kärkkäri Sausages, 500 g

If you don’t want to prepare this delicacy yourself, you can find it perfectly prepared in most sausage stalls in the Oulu region. It is important to choose just the right condiments – Kärkkäri sausages are traditionally eaten with mustard and raw onion but it is not unheard of to use ketchup as well.

If you make Kärkkäri sausages at home, fry them in a pan with plenty of butter or oil. Use low heat because you want the skin nice and crisp. Add condiments according to taste. Don’t forget the raw onion.

10 Kärkkäri Sausages, 1 kg

This bigger package of Kärkkäri sausages is perfect for a larger group. Some experts say that 2.5 Kärkkäri sausages per head is just the right amount.

Product label

Food sausage. Lactose-free.


Beef (EU), water, potato flour, beef heart (EU), pork skin (EU), barley, pork (EU), salt, spices (black pepper), pork fat (EU), stabilizer (E450), antioxidant (E316) and preservative (E250). Meat content 39 %. The country it has been reared and slaughtered in is indicated for each meat.

Nutrient content

On average, 100 g of the product contains 800 kJ (190 kcal) energy, 9.0 g fat, out of which 3.5 g saturated fat, 18.9 g carbohydrates, out of which 0 g are sugars, 1.2 g dietary fibre, 10.9 g protein, 1.7 g salt, 0 g lactose.

Storage: below +6°C